(February 12, 2013)  Peter Schiffer and Bob Biondi, Schiffer Publishing, expressed interest in publishing The Fifth Field.  The initial concept appears to be similar in size and appearance to Custer’s Best.  The intent is for the hardcover book to have 100-200 photographs (many in color), simplified/”non-legalese endnotes” — in short, a book for military historians and general aficionados of World War II.  If public interest is great enough, especially in the legal community, a “lawyer version” could be produced in softcover, with few photographs, but with additional case opinions from lawyers and detailed endnotes to facilitate future academic research.  For those interested in the second iteration, please contact Schiffer Publishing by email at info@schifferbooks.com.

(February 9, 2013)  On the 139th anniversary of George Custer’s marriage to Elizabeth Bacon, gave a presentation at Monroe, Michigan on Jacob Lyman Greene, the Best Man at the ceremony, and John Burkman, Custer’s later orderly in the 7th Cavalry Regiment.  The presentation compared and contrasted the two men, who were extremely loyal to George Custer over their entire lives.  One man was born in a family of noted early Americans, attended a prestigious university, became a lawyer and rose to be the president of a major east coast insurance company.  The other individual came from humble beginnings, was illiterate and lived the remainder of his life in grief — believing he had let Custer down at his moment of greatest need.  Email me and I will send you an electronic copy of the presentation.