American Military Cemetery Oise-Aisne

U.S. Army Executions in Europe during World War II, W-Y

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Place of Birth

Date of Death

Location of Execution


Type Execution



Thursday, March 8, 1917

Orlando, Florida

Thursday, April 19, 1945

La Pernelle, Hameau Scipion, Normandy, France

John C. Woods Hanged


Olin W.

Friday, September 16, 1921

Elloree, South Carolina

Thursday, March 29, 1945

Le Chene Daniel, Manche, France

John C. Woods Hanged


J. P.

Thursday, January 24, 1918

Columbus, Mississippi

Friday, February 2, 1945

Lerouville, Meuse, France

John C. Woods Hanged


Willie Jr.

Saturday, September 21, 1912

Macon, Georgia

Wednesday, November 8, 1944

Seine Disciplinary Training Center, Paris, France

Mortimer H. Christian Hanged



Sunday, March 27, 1921

Shelby, North Carolina

Monday, August 20, 1945

Loire Disciplinary Training Center, Le Mans, France

John C. Woods Hanged



Saturday, February 10, 1945

Bricquebec, Manche, France

John C. Woods Hanged
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Grave of Louis Till

Louis Till was hanged at the stockade at Aversa, Italy on Monday, July 2, 1945.  His body was transferred to the American Military Cemetery at Oise-Aisne in 1949, where he was buried in grave # 73 in the fourth row of the plot known as “the fifth field.”  Till had murdered an Italian woman, raped two other Italian women, assaulted an Italian man and assaulted a U. S. Navy sailor to earn the death sentence.  The Army sent his personal effects home to his estranged wife.  Ten years later, Till’s 14-year-old son Emmett wore his father’s ring, bearing the initials “LT” on a visit from to Chicago to Mississippi.  Three men kidnapped Emmett, tortured and killed him.  His body was so disfigured in the incident that it was difficult for authorities to identify him.  Positive identification was finally made, in part, because of the initials on the ring.  The shocking incident of Emmett Till’s death sparked the Civil Rights movement of the late 1950s.

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