Last Days of the Nazis, the History Channel

Here’s the latest: History 2 Channel will be airing all 6 episodes on Sunday, May 17th, starting at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern) and going until midnight.

Last Days of the Nazis is a story that has rarely been broadcast on television before.  It is a dark and compelling history of Nazism from a different perspective – that of the Nazis themselves.  In 1945, the Allies rounded up and interrogated thousands of ex-Nazis.  These interrogations became a fascinating, but largely forgotten, part of the historical record.  The six-episode series uses these interrogations to dramatically bring to life accounts by Nazi death camp commandants, Nazi doctors, generals, architects and members of the Hitler Youth.  Albert Speer, Julius Streicher, Karl Gebhardt, Rudolf Höss – these men and many others tell their own stories.  It is an inside look at the minds and motivations of the most evil regime in history.  This is what the enemy said when they were on the wrong side of the interrogation table.

French appears in each episode, with several other historians, to provide commentary and explanation of how these Nazis thought and acted.  He also helped provide extensive backgrounds on these historical figures in the preparation of the series.