I am trying to determine names of warriors who may have fought there and later at  the LBH in 1876.  So far, I have the following names linked to the 1874  fighting…some are tenuous links, others can pretty accurately be demonstrated,  but I need anyone’s expertise here.  If you can confirm their presence in 1874 or if you know of other warriors that were there, please let me know their names and pertinent information:

Black Twin/Holy Eagle (Wakan) – Bad Face band/Oglala/Lakota

Braided Locks/Wrapped Braids – Northern Cheyenne

Crazy Horse (Tȟašúŋke Witkó) – Hunkpatila band/Oglala/Lakota

Eagle Elk (Wanbdi Herake)† – Oyuhpe band/Oglala/Lakota

Flying By/Struck/Struck Plenty (Keya Heyi) – Minneconjou/Lakota

Gall (Pizí) – Hunkpapa/Lakota

Good Weasel (Hitunkasan Waste)† – Bad Face band/Oglala/Lakota

Gray Earth Tracking/Sounds-the-Ground-When-He-Walks/Noisy Walking (Wahpekute) – Santee/ Lakota

High Bear (Sunka Mato) – Oglala/Lakota

Hump (Etokeah) – Minneconjou/Lakota

Inkpaduta/Red-End-of-Horn (He-inkpa-luta) – Santee/Lakota  

Iron Thunder (Wakiyan Maza) – Minneconjou/Lakota

Kicking Bear (Matȟó Wanáȟtake)† – Oyuhpe band/Oglala/Lakota

Little Killer (Ciqa Wicakte)† – Bad Face band/Oglala/Lakota

Little Wolf/Little Coyote (Ó’kôhómôxháahketa) # – Northern Cheyenne

Looking Horse† – Minneconjou/Lakota

Low Dog (Sunka Kyciyela)† – Oyuhpe band/Oglala/Lakota

Makes Room (Kiyukanpi) – Minneconjou/Lakota

Morning Star (Vóóhéhéve); Lakota name Dull Knife (Tamílapéšni)# – Northern Cheyenne

No Flesh – Oglala/Lakota

Red Hawk (Cetan Luta) – Minneconjou/Lakota

Shell Boy (Pankeska Hoksila)† – Oyuhpe band/Oglala/Lakota

Shell Necklace (Pankeska Napin) – Oglala/Lakota

Shoot the Bear (Mato Kutepi) – Hunkpapa/Lakota

Short Bull (Tȟatȟaŋka Ptecela)† – Bad Face band/Oglala/Lakota

Sitting Bull (Tȟatȟaŋka Iyotȟaŋka) – Hunkpapa/Lakota

Touch the Clouds (Maȟpíya Ičáȟtagya)# – Minneconjou/Lakota

White Earth Tracking (Oyemakasan) – Santee/Lakota

White Twin – Bad Face band/Oglala/Lakota


# inferred from Lakota oral tradition by Donovin A. Sprague Hump

+ inferred from membership in Hokší Hakákta, Last-Born Child Society

Red Hawk