Earl Mendenhall — Sergeant and Military Police guard, assigned to the Loire DTC. Standing 6′ tall and weighing 180 pounds, with gray eyes and blond hair, the former bridge carpenter was easily distinguishable from the other guards. Born in Bowie, Texas on December 8, 1923, he was inducted into the Army on November 24, 1941. Discharged from the Army in August 1945, in 1963 he moved to Grand Blanc, Michigan and worked for 35 years in the Chevy V-8 Engine Plant. He died on April 9, 2011; Earl Mendenhall is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery at Grand Blanc, Michigan.

If you are a related family member of this soldier, PLEASE Email me; I need additional information on him and hopefully a picture in uniform.  I can also provide additional information on him to you.