Dönitz’s Crews

U-188 German Cross in Gold Winners

U-boat German Cross in Gold Winners, Max Braun and August Bischoff.  Most enlisted winners of this award in the u-boat force had over 500 days at sea on patrol.

U-188 German Cross in Gold Winners2016-01-13T17:41:13-06:00

U-boat Comrades

U-boat Comrades on U-107; three our of every four U-boat men in the entire Kriegsmarine would never come home.

U-boat Comrades2016-01-13T17:45:09-06:00

Complete Crew of U-25

Complete Crew of U-25

She went down with all hands in 1940 under mysterious conditions, possibly after detonating a British sea mine.

Complete Crew of U-252015-09-07T12:41:03-06:00
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