305th Infantry Division soldiers at Stalingrad


The following German Army ranks, and their American Army equivalents in World War II, are provided for use when reading Stalingrad: The Death of the German Sixth Army on the Volga, 1942-1943.  They are also found in an appendix of the book.


Soldat [Soldier/Private]

Funker [(Radioman), Private in Communications]

Grenadier [Private in the Infantry]

Jäger [(Hunter), Private in the Light and Mountain Divisions]

Kanonier [(Gunner), Private in the Artillery

Panzerjäger [(Tank Hunter), Private in an Anti-Tank unit]

Pioneer [Private in the Engineers]

Panzerschütze [Private in the Motorized Infantry]

Reiter [(Trooper), Private in the Cavalry]

Schütze [(Private in the Infantry)


Obersoldat [Senior Private]

Oberfunker [(Radioman), Senior Private in Communications]

Obergrenadier [Senior Private in the Infantry]

Oberjäger [(Hunter), Senior Private in the Light and Mountain Divisions]

Oberkanonier [(Gunner), Senior Private in the Artillery

Oberpanzerjäger [(Tank Hunter), Senior Private in an Anti-Tank unit]

Oberpioneer [Senior Private in the Engineers]

Oberpanzerschütze [Senior Private in the Motorized Infantry]

Oberreiter [(Trooper), Senior Private in the Cavalry]

Oberschütze [Senior Private in the Infantry]


Gefreiter [Private First Class]

Obergefreiter [Acting Corporal]

Sanitäts-Obergefreiter [Acting Corporal in the Medical Corps]

Stabsgefreiter [Acting Corporal of Administration]

Unteroffizier [Corporal]

Unterfeldwebel [Sergeant]

Fahnenjunker [Sergeant who was also an Officer Candidate]

Unterwachtmeister [Sergeant in Artillery, Reconnaissance or Cavalry]

Feldwebel [Staff Sergeant]

Wachtmeister [Staff Sergeant in Artillery, Reconnaissance or Cavalry]

Fahnenjunker-Feldwebel [Staff Sergeant who was also an Advanced Officer Candidate]

Oberfeldwebel [Technical Sergeant]

Oberwachtmeister [Technical Sergeant in Artillery, Reconnaissance or Cavalry]

Oberfähnrich [Technical Sergeant who was also a Senior Officer Candidate]

Stabsfeldwebel [Master Sergeant]

Stabswachtmeister [Master Sergeant in Artillery, Reconnaissance or Cavalry]


Leutnant [Second Lieutenant]

Oberleutnant [First Lieutenant]

Hauptmann [Captain]

Major [Major]

Oberstleutnant [Lieutenant Colonel]

Oberst [Colonel]

Generalmajor [Brigadier General/1-star General]

Generalleutnant [Major General/2-star General]

General der Artillerie [Lieutenant General in the Artillery/3-star General]

General der Infanterie [Lieutenant General in the Infantry/3-star General]

General der Panzertruppe [Lieutenant General in the Armored Troops/3-star General]

General der Pioniere [Lieutenant General in the Engineers/3-star General]

Generaloberst [Colonel General/4-star General]

Generalfeldmarschall [(Field Marshal)/5-star General]