Strategy to Defeat Militant Islam

To develop a strategy to defeat ISIS, we must first identify the center of gravity of this enemy.  For competent strategists, the center of gravity, be it the bulk of the enemy’s army or other capability (although seldom an enemy leader), is the hub of all power and strength.  Destroy it and the enemy collapses.  The strategic center of gravity of every militant Islamic organization, from small terrorist cells to large conventionally formed and equipped armies, is the magnetism of certain tenants of Islam that attract an almost inexhaustible number of recruits that are prepared to do violence to non-believers and even die for their cause in their quest to expand their religion into a caliphate under Islamic Law.  Given that, the attached chart shows what must be done.  These actions are not sequential; they will often overlap and several may take decades to accomplish.  However, if we can follow these guidelines, we will prevail in the end.