3rd Armored Division

Handing Out Food to Children in Kuwait

Handing Out Food to Children in Kuwait, Desert Storm

I call this my “Senatorial Candidate Photo.”  Little kids would appear out of nowhere in the desert, searching for food, although they always appeared well-fed.  Olga would send large packages of small boxes of raisins to hand out.

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Changing a Plan during Desert Storm

Changing a Plan

Almost no battle plan remains unchanged on the battlefield.  Here, a haggard and dirty Major MacLean, during the attack, shows Captain Chris Lockhart some changes.  A company commander then, Chris ended up a colonel, although he should have been a general officer.  Let the younger officers and sergeants use their own initiative and they will often out-think you.

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“Spartan 3” of the 5th Battalion,18th Infantry in a Bradley

5-18 Infantry, Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Advancing during Desert Storm

Our battalion was known as the Spartans.  The battalion operations officer is known by the suffix 3, so then-Major MacLean went by the call sign, “Spartan 3” on the radio.  I rode in the turret on the right, as the Bradley vehicle commander; Sergeant First Class Maxwell rode on the left as the gunner.  He was the battalion master gunner and one of the best shots in the unit with the cannon and machine-gun.  Shortly after this, we engaged and destroyed an enemy ZSU 23-4 anti-aircraft vehicle armed with four 23mm fast-firing cannons.

“Spartan 3” of the 5th Battalion,18th Infantry in a Bradley2015-09-11T12:01:29-06:00

Near Some Oil Well Fires in Kuwait on Desert Storm

Near Some Oil Well Fires

Tom Sittnick was “Spartan 5,” the battalion executive officer.  He could do more pushups in three minutes than I could in an hour.  He was a hard trooper and did several tours with the Rangers.  I think he may be working for the Georgia Department of Corrections now.  Back then, we were naïve concerning the extent all that smoke was probably hurting us.

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CIB Ceremony

CIB Ceremony

My father, who fought as an infantryman in World War II and won the Silver Star, Bronze Star and several Purple Hearts, said that the Combat Infantryman’s Badge was truly special.  Major MacLean received his own CIB after the combat had ended on “Desert Storm.”  Here, Brigadier General Paul Blackwell, the 3rd Armored Division’s senior Infantry officer and Assistant Division Commander, pins on the award.  He was a huge Clemson fan.


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